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Wednesday, February 22, 2017


Posted By: Admin - Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Dynamic, driven, desirable, dreamy, divine. We can’t come up with any more D’s to describe this duo, except they’re also unbelievably down-to-earth.

Volleyball stars Kianna Dy and Majoy Baron play side-by-side for De La Salle University–right hitter and middle blocker, respectively–but their similarities don’t end in-court. The 22-year-olds are both over 5-foot-10 and slinky, both want to try their hand in fashion modeling, both have unexpected side hobbies, and both have more fans than your average wannabe celebrity.

We sat down to chat with the towering best buds, knowing that we have half an hour with them at most (no good athlete has time for anything else). It’s easy to see why everyone loves them–they radiate an infectious optimism that can only be seen in the young and hungry. That, and the fact that there’s just something about sporty lasses that screams, well, cool.

Left: H&M Viscose Blouse PHP 899 | Pleated Skirt PHP 899 | Right H&M Shirt PHP 899

For our readers who don’t follow volleyball, what is your career status right now?

Kianna: I’m in my 4th playing year for DLSU.

Majoy: I’ve actually already graduated–I’m marching this February–but I’ll still be playing. UAAP season 79 starts February 5. My final playing year will be in Season 80 next year.

What has been your biggest accomplishment so far?

K: We won the championship last year!

M: Yeah, we won the championship last Season 78 against Ateneo. I also won the Best Blocker award, so it was my most memorable season. But in life, my biggest accomplishment so far is being able to graduate DLSU on scholarship.

What are you guys taking up?

K: Business management.

M: Sports management, but I’m taking up masters in Entrepreneurship.

How’s DLSU treating you guys so far?

M: It’s fun! We got a lot going on.

How many times a week do you practice?

M: Twice a day, sometimes even three. We don’t really have free time, even on weekends.

Sounds tough. How are you able to juggle studies and volleyball?

M: We really try to squeeze it in!

K: The university does reduce the number of units we’re required to take.

How is a three-times-a-day training schedule even humanly possible?

K: In the morning, from 8:30am to 12:30 noon, we train. From 12:45 to 6pm, we take classes. From 6pm to 9pm, we train again. But of course I have to study after that, so I set aside 10pm to 12mn. And then we have to wake up at 530 in the morning to train again at around 530am.

You don’t even get a full night’s sleep?

K: No. Maybe I could, if I don’t study…[laughs]


K: I know! It’s a bit difficult, but we got used to it.

You don’t “go out” like the other kids do, I assume?

M: I like sleeping, because I’m always dead tired [laughs]. Sunday is really my only rest day–family time, movies, sleep.

What got you guys into volleyball?

K: I played track and field before. We had a tournament one day, but it rained, so it got cancelled. I was like, “Just because of the rain?” So that was the reason I switched to volleyball! [laughs]

You’re saying the rain was a sign from God?

K: [Laughs] Actually I was just walking in front of the volleyball court and they invited me to join. And I also really wanted to have a playing jersey with my name on it, and track didn’t offer that. So there, I began playing volleyball in sixth grade.

How about you Majoy?

M: Table tennis was my first sport back in elementary school. But it wasn’t that competitive–I wasn’t any good at it. Then around second year high school, I played volleyball in our intramurals, and I got discovered.

So it was volleyball who wanted you both, not the other way around.

M: It was our height too, I think. When I got introduced to volleyball, the school that I transferred to was very competitive. I was a regular girl, but they trained me, and the rest is history.

Which high school was that?

M: Baguio City National High School. Because of them, I was able to play in the Palarong Pambansa, where I got discovered by DLSU. I was like, “Wow, La Salle actually wants me!”

According to veteran Lady Spiker Mika Reyes [read her story here], you’re both legitimate star players. What do you think makes you outstanding?

K: I think it’s my time management, or how I’m organised with what I do. I want to always be one step ahead of everything. I am very O.C. with what I need to do—they’re all listed down in my planner!

M: Self-discipline is number one. It’s impossible to succeed as an athlete without it. You won’t improve, and you might even ruin your body.

We’ve been talking about how volleyball likes you both. But what about volleyball do you like? 

K: I like the thrill! When you play against someone, and people watch and cheer–I like that. I think the sport also made me more patient.

M: It’s a team sport, so I learn so much about camaraderie, sportsmanship. I’m a naturally shy person, and volleyball boosted my confidence. As an athlete and as a student, I also learned how to manage my time. And of course, since it’s DLSU and televised, I also enjoy the fact that people get to know me.

Do you guys have any future plans outside of volleyball? Aside from playing professionally, of course.

K: After DLSU, I plan to maybe play for a few more years. It’d be a waste of youth if I don’t. And then I wanna work a corporate job before starting my own business, just to get ideas.

M: I still wanna play, of course. Especially now that volleyball is becoming more mainstream.

In the Philippine Super Liga, like Mika Reyes? [To see Mika’s beauty hack, click here.]

M: Yes, but PSL isn’t really pro yet…it’s semi-pro. There are actually two leagues–the Shakey’s V League and the Philippine Super Liga. I’m currently playing for the PSL, in the F2 logistics team, for two years now.

Left: H&M Shirt PHP 599 | Right : H&M Viscose Blouse PHP 899

Do you have any skills or hobbies that are unrelated to sports, and that not a lot of people know about?

K: I’m not sure if people already know, but I play the piano.

Cool! So you’re musically inclined?

K: It’s not like I studied it seriously. I started playing in high school, learning through Youtube videos. 

Do you sing?

K: [Laughs] Sakto lang.


M: I love cooking! I’m Kapampangan, so I was exposed to food and cooking since I was young.

Awesome. Have you ever thought about what you’d be doing if you had never played ball?

M: I might have been a model.

K: I actually want to model!

Both of you can give working models a run for their money.

M: [Laughs]

K: Majoy actually joined beauty pageants in their province! [laughs]

But really, more than the faces and the legs, you’ve got ridiculously toned bodies. Care to share your secrets? Aside from the constant training, of course.

K: We have a trainer. I don’t workout outside of training. It’s more than enough, I think. [laughs]

M: As Kianna mentioned, we train 2 or 3 times a day. We even have yoga sessions, aerobics sessions, and weight training. We really do complete workouts. And on the weekends, I jog to maintain my stamina for next week’s training.

We can’t keep up with that, even if we tried. How about eating habits?

M: I don’t eat a lot, but I’m a foodie. Just a bit is enough as long as it’s really tasty. I’ve got high standards, even for Sisig [laughs]. If it doesn’t taste good, no matter how hungry I am, I won’t order it. Right now I’m really into Korean food, even just their appetizers.

K: I eat whatever I want. But I don’t get fat. I’m actually trying to gain weight! I feel too thin. I think my arms and legs are too skinny. Whenever I gain, I’m so happy.

Let’s talk about style. How does being athletes affect your sense of fashion?

K: Whatever I’m comfortable with. Always comfort over style. I don’t like heels, but I wear them when it’s required of me. I’m more of a sneakers person.

M: Personally, I prefer comfortable clothes because I’m always tired from training. Sore legs can’t handle tight jeans! And I’m always in a hurry so I don’t have time to dress up. I prefer basic dresses and sneakers.

We just noticed–did you both come in wearing the same dress? Only in different colors?

M&K: [Laughs] Yes!

Did you guys plan this?

M&K: No!

That’s annoyingly cute.

K: I usually shop at H&M, so…

Those were from H&M? Nice. Their new collection–what you guys wore for the shoot today–suits your styles perfectly. Sporty chic, young, a little cheeky.

M: Yeah. H&M has a lot of basics which are easy to mix and match. If I buy a bottom from them, I can find a top to match it too. [For Majoy’s style tips and more H&M fashion inspo, click here.]

K: But you know what I have from H&M? Their business attire! Blazers, pants, tops.

What do you need them for?

K: We’re required to wear business attire for class presentations in Business Management. [For Kianna’s style tips and more H&M fashion inspo, click here.]

Awesome–it’s like you guys were destined for this shoot. The clothes looked great, the shots were beautiful, and both of you were a pleasure to work with.

K: Thank you!

M: We had fun!

We’d like to keep this going, but we don’t wanna be the reason you’re late for your 4pm practice. We’ll see you both on the court (and maybe on the runways). ~

By The MEGAstyle Team |

Monday, February 13, 2017

Perfect places for your Valentine's date

Posted By: Patti Salas - Monday, February 13, 2017

Don’t have any plans for Valentine’s Day yet? No need to worry, we got your back! Here are some of the restaurants we have visited which will be perfect for your February 14 date.


If you and your date are into Western cuisine, Stella is perfect for you. Their dishes are mostly cooked in wood fire which makes them flavourful. A few of their specialties are their pizzas and pastas.

Other than their Valentine’s Day table setup, Stella has also prepared a special dish which will only be available on February 1-28.

MUST TRY: Warm Chocolate Raspberry Cake
Read more about Stella: http://www.pinaymediaplanner.ph/2017/01/stella-wood-fired-bistro.html


There’s never a wrong time for Pinoy food. So, why not have your date at Kabila where they serve authentic Filipino food?

This love month, Kabila will also be serving the Love Burger.

MUST TRY: Crispy Catfish, Burong Hipon + Mustasa
Read more about Kabila: http://www.pinaymediaplanner.ph/2017/02/kabila-filipino-bistro-pinoy-na-pinoy.html


Japanese food is always on someone’s cravings list. Let your significant other have a taste of Japan at Saboten this Valentine’s Day.

You may also want to try their Valentine’s Day special, Green Tea Latte (Iced or Hot).

MUST TRY: Shabu-Shabu
Read more about Saboten: http://www.pinaymediaplanner.ph/2017/02/have-taste-of-tokyo-at-saboten.html

4. The Nook Café

Are you a certified Potterhead? Well, if you are, The Nook Café is where you should be. From their interiors to their menu, everything is Harry Potter inspired!

Especially made for Valentine's Day is this newbie in their menu Strawberry Cream-O.

According to their owner, they always prepare a special gimmick for their customers every Valentine’s Day. Be sure to find out what awaits you at The Nook Café on February 14!

MUST TRY: Butterbeer
Read more about The Nook Cafe: http://www.pinaymediaplanner.ph/2017/02/the-nook-cafe-keeps-harry-potter-vibe.html

5. Artesania MNL Café

Get artsy and have good food at Artesania MNL Café this Valentine’s Day. They don’t only serve good food but they also have free art activities you can do while waiting for your food. A written “I love you” in calligraphy would surely make your date even better.

This Valentine’s Day, Artesania MNL Café has a special offer just for you: When you order 1 salad, 1 pasta, and 1 pizza, you will get complimentary drinks - your choice of Galaxy Latte or Cucumber Lemon Soda.

MUST TRY: Midsummer Night's Dream
Read more about Artesania MNL Cafe: http://www.pinaymediaplanner.ph/2017/02/an-artsy-cafe-is-finally-in-maginhawa.html


If you want to get all fancy and romantic, Terraz is the place to be. Here, you can experience how it feels like to dine in a five-star hotel without having to spend much.

Terraz also has a special Valentine’s Day menu just for you.

MUST TRY: Sesame BBQ Pork Ribs
Read more about Terraz: http://www.pinaymediaplanner.ph/2017/02/get-all-fancy-at-terraz.html

Whether alone or with a date, I hope you'll all have a meaningful Valentine's Day 2017!

Friday, February 10, 2017

The Nook Cafe keeps the Harry Potter vibe alive

Posted By: Karlo Simon - Friday, February 10, 2017

Potterheads prepare your broomsticks now, you have a new perfect nook to visit for a Harry Potter-themed dining experience!

The real draw is their extensive menu of magical food and drinks inspired by JK Rowling’s Harry Potter such as:

This drink does not need much introduction. The preferred drink of underage witches and wizards is the most popular drink in Harry Potter. I got to try it first in a famous coffee shop, but I can say that The Nook's version is way better. Their version is made of sparkling water with the right amount of caramel and butterscotch - perfect refreshment for Potterheads of all ages. You can have it at Harry's (Php 100) or at Hagrid's (Php 150).

Bacon wrapped chicken (Php 160)
The Nook gives justice to this famous comfort food. The chicken was moist and the bacon was perfectly crispy. They elevated the dish by adding a dash of honey to cut the saltiness of the bacon. 

They also have a selection of sweet treats reminiscent of the Honeydukes.

Donut Holes (Php 150)

Chocolate Pudding (Php 120)

Cafe Latte (Php 100)

Egg Coffee (Php 115)

The Nook brought the famous coffee of Vietnam in Maginhawa. Imagine an espresso with a gloopy of egg on the top. It's something unusual, but you should try it!

The interior follows the Harry Potter theme closely. It features the murals of Hogwarts, wooden furniture, and costumes for unique Hogwarts look.

Harry Potter Houses' robes and Hogwarts mural

Hand-painted Harry Potter pots

The Nook stores a collection of Harry Potter books

Scriptures of the magical elements in Harry Potter

Harry Potter-inspired chess (board game)

I know it is always a joy for every Potterhead whenever there is a new fad inspired by Harry Potter, and as someone who is not really a fan of the movie series, I highly recommend The Nook Cafe. It is a fairly-priced coffee shop, very cozy place to "chill". Make sure to go there early to avoid the long queue.

OPERATING HOURS: 1:00pm to 10:00pm
LOCATION: Maginhawa Street, Sikatuna Village, Quezon City
CONTACT NO.: 0915 974 3660

Photo credits to Edward Amar      

Get all fancy at Terraz

Posted By: Patti Salas - Friday, February 10, 2017

Once in a while, you feel like you need to get all fancy even without any occasion. But you already feel guilty even just with the thought of spending too much, right? Don’t worry, I’ve found a fancy place that serves top quality yet affordable dishes.

Located at the 3rd floor of the renowned high-rise Zuellig building is this casual and approachable dining space called Terraz. This 117-seater bistro has a very relaxing atmosphere that’s perfect with their mouth-watering dishes.

Here’s a little sneak peek of their menu:


(from left to right)

Ginger and Mint Lemonade – 130
Strawberry Lemonade – 130
Lychee Shake – 135
Four Red Fruits – 120

Housemade Norwegian Salmon Gravlax – 310
(fresh lemon + capers + mixed greens + sweet chilli + orange truffle dressing)

 Mushroom and Barley Soup – 275
(shitake + white and brown button mushrooms + baby arugula + barley and basil foam)

Sesame BBQ Pork Ribs – 450
(sesame asian slaw + garlic truffle potato puree)

Szechuan Prawns – 555
(butterflied prawns + chilli bean paste + kaffir lime + cilantro rice)

Deconstructed Chocolate Valrhona – 275
(revel bar crumbs + nougatine crisp + vanila ice cream + chocolate soil)

Terraz is also open for social events, meetings, and even romantic dates.

OPERATING HOURS: 11:00 am to 11:00 pm, Monday to Friday
LOCATION: 3/F, Zuellig Building, Makati Ave. cor Paseo de Roxas, Makati City 
TEL. NO.: +63-917-833-6804 or +63-917-859-9082 or +632-625-4831 / 4832 

Facebook: www.facebook.com/raintreeterraz
Twitter: @raintreeterraz

Photo credits to John Edward Amar

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

An artsy cafe is finally in Maginhawa!

Posted By: Patti Salas - Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Calling all artsy people! I've found our happy place!

Along the busy Maginhawa Street in Sikatuna Village, you will find Artesania MNL Cafe, a place where art and food meet. Their artsy interiors are so inviting and relaxing.

In Artesania MNL Cafe, it's not just all about art, but good food as well. I can't help but be amused with their artsy and appetizing dishes.

Potato Eaters (French Fries Palette - 185php) - Nope, it is not your ordinary french fries. It is served with playful dips that look like paint in a palette. Out of all the four dips, my favorite would be the blue cheese which has a very unique flavor.

Midsummer Night's Dream (Tropical Mango Salad - 245php) - This salad won't make you feel like you're eating greens because of its sweet taste. What made it perfect is its walnut toppings that added extra flavor to the salad.

Forrest Gump (Shrimp Aglio Olio Pasta - 280php) - Out of all the dishes served to us, this is my favorite. It's simple yet mouthwatering. What I loved most about this pasta is the kick of chili and garlic that complemented the shrimps well. They are also very generous with the serving of shrimps!

The Animal Farm (All-Meat Pizza - 290php) - I would recommend this pizza to the meat lovers. I also loved their pizza crust which is thin and crispy - just perfect for the toppings.

Artesania MNL Cafe also offers a wide variety of drinks like this Iced Caramel Macchiato (140php) that was so refreshing. You may also opt to order your coffee hot or iced.

Black Forest Latte (135php) - It is also known as the Galaxy Latte which is one of their best sellers.

What's even more exciting about Artesania MNL Cafe is that it also serves as a venue for various workshops such as calligraphy, sketching, painting, and even makeup.

Below is a list of the upcoming events at Artesania MNL Cafe:

Feb. 13 (Monday) - Noche la Peña (Night of Misery) feat. Bullet Dumas
Feb. 14 (Tuesday) - Not-your-ordinary-romantic music by Iwag Maninantan
Feb. 17 (Friday) - Labing-Labing (Poetry Night) feat. various Spoken Word Artists

Like their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/artesaniamnlcafe/ and follow them on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/artesania_mnl/ to be updated with their schedule of events and workshops.

OPERATING HOURS: 11:00am to 10:00pm (Tuesdays to Sundays)
LOCATION: #140 Maginhawa St. Sikatuna Village, Quezon City
TEL. NO.: (02) 891 8958

Photo Credits: John Edward Amar

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