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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Curious Curator launches with art exhibition on “The Quiet Strength of a Woman” featuring two Ilonggo artists

Posted By: Admin - Wednesday, September 28, 2016
The Filipino art scene has been evolving and flourishing in recent years. Our artists are getting rave reviews in auctions and exhibitions abroad, while local art events like Art in the Park and Art Fair Philippines are staged with resounding success. This signals not only a renewed appreciation for Filipino art by locals and foreigners alike, but also the eager interest and growing population of art enthusiasts in the country. It is within this context that the idea of Curious Curator was formed by a pair of art enthusiasts. 

Curious Curator was conceptualized in order to help budding and potential artists from outside Metro Manila, especially from the Visayas and Mindanao, penetrate the mainstream art scene. Keeping the welfare of the artist front and center, Curious Curator manages the financial, marketing and sales aspect of the collaboration so that the artist can focus on the creation process. Curated and conceptual art exhibitions are held in non-traditional venues to reach a wider audience.  This enables the startup to promote the evolving Filipino artistry while diversifying and simplifying ways that budding art collectors can secure original but affordable art pieces.

To officially launch Curious Curator, two Ilonggo artists will be featured as the first curated artists in an exhibition entitled, “Ang Maugdang nga Kusog sang Babaye.”  Showing contrasting perspectives on the “quiet strength of a woman,” the exhibit will feature two entirely different artists who are both lovers of the silhouette of a woman. One is a man; the other, a woman. One is a sculptor; the other, a painter. One is seasoned; the other, budding.

For Harry Mark Gonzales, “How I carve shapes and movement is how I appreciate and celebrate the beauty and strength of a woman.” The 34-year old effortlessly manipulates cold-cast marble into stunning silhouettes of women. His love affair with marble started after his “A Protest Over Guimaras Oil Spill” terra cotta sculpture bagged the grand prize at the Metrobank Art and Design Excellence (MADE) Awards in 2007.  A self-taught artist, his material mastery was honed by years of experience under the influence of respected artist Ed Defensor, allowing him to create some of Iloilo City’s most important landmarks.

Inspired by poet and artist Akiane Kramarik, 21-year-old Kat Malazarte pursues spirituality as the main theme in her body of work, recognizing this as the core of a woman’s strength.  “A woman’s quiet strength is her resilience. That no matter the storms that rage at her life… she, in the end, rises.” This is beautifully captured in strokes that convey the depth and mystical quality of the woman, strokes that have been meticulously guided by the late Norce Salazar. A Vision Petron National 
Student Art Competition Grand Prize winner for the video-making category in 2015 for her entry, “Tingnan Nang Malapitan, Damhin Nang Malaliman,” Kat is the first cum laude graduate of the Bachelor of Fine Arts program of the University of San Agustin, Iloilo City.

The 18-piece collection of eight oil paintings and ten cold-cast marble sculptures creates a visual feast that pays homage to the strength that allows women to endure.

The exhibit runs from September 30, 2016, 6:00pm to October 2, 2016, 6:00pm at _GALLERY at A SPACE, 5th floor, 110 Legazpi St, Makati City and is staged by Curious Curator with their partners A SPACE, Nipa Brew and 034 creatives. An Artists’ Talk is scheduled on October 1, 2016 at 2:00pm with the two featured artists to share their thoughts on the theme as well as their creative process. For more information, you may contact Curious Curator at 09178828299, or email them at curiouscuratorph@gmail.com or visit fb.com/curiouscuratorph or www.curiouscurator.ph.


Posted By: Patti Salas - Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Samsung Hall at SM Aura Premier was filled with a Grecian atmosphere on the night of September 27, 2016 for the VIP screening of #MakingMEGAGreeceWithJaDine - a documentary by TV100.

The most anticipated event by MEGA kicked off with a thrilling performance by G-Force.

Jacob Benedicto, an ex-PBB housemate, hosted the event.

MEGA editor-in-chief Peewee Isidro-Reyes welcomed the guests with her message:

“Good evening everyone and welcome! In behalf of the MEGA team, our events team and TV100, I’d like to welcome each and every one of you tonight. Thank you for showing your love and support to MEGA and of course, to JaDine. Before we start, I’d just like to acknowledge the presence of some important people who are here tonight. Of course, our EVP and our publisher, Archie Carrasco, our photographer, Mark Nicdao, our director, of course, Michael Carandang.

Making MEGA is the first fashion documentary in the Philippines. Its main goal is really to tell the story of another destination and how a magazine is made; but, more importantly, it gives you a closer glimpse of your favorite stars. Although we have already put a finale on Making MEGA last year, we realized that we had a lot more stories to tell and that story was that of Nadine Lustre and James Reid. I am privileged to work with Nadine and James, and all I can say is that they’re both professionals, easy to work with, and now, I know why everyone is so in love with them. And without further ado, I present to you Making MEGA in Greece with Jadine. Enjoy!”

#MakingMEGAGreeceWithJaDine concluded as the MEGA team was called on stage. It was nice to finally see the people behind the cameras who have an implausible passion for their craft.


G-Force's Teacher Georcelle Dapat-Sy
#MakingMEGAGreeceWithJaDine documentary director, Michael Carandang with Team Pinaymediaplanner

You can watch the #MakingMEGAGreeceWithJaDine documentary by downloading the TV100 app. For more photos and news about the event, check out http://megastyle.ph/

Friday, September 23, 2016

The New It Girl: Lauren Reid

Posted By: Karlo Simon - Friday, September 23, 2016

She walks into the studio in a white tank top, jeans, and a baseball cap, with no makeup on, but her understated style does nothing to conceal her charm. She would easily turn heads—twice.

We watch Lauren Reid as she strikes pose after pose, looking so comfortable in front of the camera, as if she’d been doing it forever. She hasn’t. The 23-year-old Fil-Aussie beauty has always regarded showbiz as “certainly enticing,” but she never imagined she would end up being in the middle of it. “It never seemed practical or realistic to me,” she says. Well, it couldn’t be more real now, what with all the fuss surrounding her as we shoot her for our cover.

Lauren is still getting used to all the attention and everything that comes with being a celebrity, but it’s a good thing she had quite a preview of the life in the limelight, being James Reid’s half sister. She and James share a close relationship—he was the one who always pushed her to give showbiz a shot. She’s never really short of showbiz advice but still, she admits she’s still discovering a lot of things about the glitzy world of entertainment.

Like how busy it gets doing the kind of work that she does, for instance. “Work is often a whole day affair!” she exclaims. “I’m not swamped every minute of the day, but definitely much busier than before I joined showbiz.” Not that she’s complaining. Lauren finds herself having fun with all the new experiences she’s getting from this new adventure.

But no matter how hectic her schedule gets, she makes sure she takes care of herself. A health buff, Lauren usually spends her days off in the gym. “I like being out of the house, and if I’m in a place that promotes health and wellness then perfect,” she says. As for her her diet? “Whole, simple unprocessed foods.”

Lauren describes her personal style as “simple, comfortable, and practical,” with denim jeans, cropped tops, body suits, sneakers, and sandals as her wardrobe staples. But she definitely wouldn’t mind a wardrobe makeover. “Actually, if you wanted to scrap my closet for a new one I’d be all for it! Change is good,” she says.
And like every other girl, well, she’s crazy for shoes. As a matter of fact, if there’s one thing she would steal from her brother’s on-screen and real-life girlfriend Nadine’s closet, it’s “Hands down, her shoes,” she says in a heart beat. “And not one, but all!”

Her brother’s clothes are not out of the question either, because she gets to raid his closet, too. “The denim jacket I am probably seen wearing a lot was a joint purchase between us two,” she reveals. Okay, she’s part owner, but you see, “Now it lives in my closet. Or on my back,” she laughs.

James shouldn’t feel so bad. Their dad had to share his clothes with Lauren, too. While little girls went through their mothers’ wardrobe, trying on their dresses and jewelry to play dress-up, Lauren was styling herself using her dad’s clothes. “I went through a phase when I was young where I wore my fathers tops as dresses and his ties as belts and headbands.” She admits it wasn’t her best look, but at least she wasn’t wearing neon. “I strongly believe no one should ever wear fluorescent clothing. Ever.” That’s one fashion advice worth pondering over, but if you think that’s all the words of wisdom she has for all of us, think again. Because then she adds with a laugh, “Blue and green must never be seen.”

Twitter leverages the resources of Ph agencies through #GoLive

Posted By: Karlo Simon - Friday, September 23, 2016

Twitter’s #GoLive agency bootcamp has reached the Philippine soil.

The #GoLive bootcamp is part of Twitter Flight School program. Its mission is to help marketing and advertising agencies in their craft by building a deeper understanding of how Twitter works, and teaching how to use it to engage with consumers and be a part of live conversation.

#GoLive is an education program across Asia, including India, Indonesia and Singapore, that aims to assist the agencies and their clients through using Twitter’s live connection feature. The bootcamps will bring together Twitter almost 8,000 experts from research, product, and brand strategy that will undergo in intensive training programs. The trainings include new modules which focus on developing the skills of marketers in the field of advertising, particularly on upgrading their strategies on content advertising by using Twitter features (Twitter Amplify, Twitter Ads, and TV campaign with Twitter integration).

According to Twitter’s Head of Agency Development, APAC and MENA Simon Brockman, the digital space moves at lightning speed and change is the only constant. Agencies know of Twitter, but not many know how best to leverage our latest tools in a way that adds value for their clients. To help increase the understanding of our platform as the industry evolves, we are working to engage more with marketers around the world so that they and their clients can use Twitter more effectively to reach and engage their target customers.

#GoLive bootcamps will start this week. To know the details of registration, visit their website https://twitterflightschool.com/login.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

DICT, PSIA, PSITE, and Intel Philippines open its call for entries for the Philippine Startup Challenge 2016

Posted By: Patti Salas - Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT), in partnership with the Philippine Software Industry Association (PSIA), Intel Philippines and Philippine Society of IT Educators (PSITE) officially opens the call for entries for Philippine Startup Challenge (PSC) 2016 – a student startup competition which aims to inspire college students to create socially relevant technologies that can be viable business ventures. 

In the past two years, the Philippine Startup Challenge inspired academe stakeholders to create technology and Internet-driven software products and solutions to address real-life problems in industries and communities. Bootcamps were conducted throughout the country to equip college faculty mentors on startup methodologies and Internet of Things (IoT) basics. The challenge has now gathered a roster of 400+ eligible mentors who will be building student teams to pitch their innovations. 

On its third run, the competition offers two tracks – challenging the youth to innovate in a broader field covering mobile applications and systems in the software track and now opening opportunities for hardware-driven IoT projects in a dedicated Iot Track supported by Intel Philippines. Interested participants who have disruptive and innovative ideas may form a team of four (3 college student members and 1 eligible faculty mentor) and pitch their startup idea through a five-minute video. 

Twenty teams will be chosen from each track for further mentoring sessions. The IoT track teams will receive Intel Galileo boards which they can use in developing their projects.  A national finals will be held to host the ten best teams from both tracks who will be given an opportunity to pitch in front of the distinguished leaders of the startup community. 

Winners of the Challenge will get a chance to be part of PSIA-Software Product Incubation Group (PSIA-SPRING.Ph) LaunchPad program and be mentored by prominent names in the Philippine startup scene. The winners will also be given access to valuable networks within the country’s startup ecosystem, which could lead them to future partnerships and collaborations. IoT winners will receive valuable mentoring opportunities supported by Intel Philippines. 

Through this challenge, the DICT together with PSIA, PSITE and Intel and its esteemed partners Huawei, Ideaspace, Microsoft and HP Enterprise will continue in its thrust in developing the Philippine Startup Ecosystem and promoting the creation of innovative technologies that are beneficial to the society and the country. 

For more information on the Philippine Startup Challenge: 


Karla Legaspi 
9200101 loc 1101

Jackielyn Isip

About DICT – The Department of Information and Communications Technology is the Philippine Government’s lead agency on ICT related matters. Its primary thrusts are in the ICT Industry Development, eGovernment, ICT policy development, Internet for all and Cybersecurity.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Stop what you're doing and watch the #MAKINGMEGA in Greece with JaDine trailer

Posted By: Karlo Simon - Tuesday, September 20, 2016

We all know how gorgeous the #MakingMEGAwithJaDine cover is, but do you have any idea what actually went down behind the scenes? We can tell you right now, it was one heck of a production! The stunning locations, the to-die-for fashion, and the coverstars—everything is just so deliciously gorgeous! There’s so much epicness that happened in Greece, we can’t just use words—you have to see for yourself.

Lucky for you, TV100 released the full trailer on the app today and we’re sharing 30 glorious minutes of it here.

You can watch the full version by downloading the TV100 app, available on the Appstore and Google Play.

Now if you want more (which we’re sure you do), catch the first and exclusive screening of #MakingMEGAGreeceWithJadine on September 27, 3:00 PM at the Samsung Hall of SM Aura Premier.

Watch James and Nadine‘s epic love story unfold as they take a romantic journey through the scenic coast of Santorini and the ancient ruins of Athens. To find out how you can score tickets, visit @Events 100 on Facebook and Instagram. See you there!

By Mitch Tizon-dela Paz |

Monday, September 19, 2016

Of Brushes and Palettes: How to be pak ganern like Mamshie Misyel

Posted By: Patti Salas - Monday, September 19, 2016

If you’re someone who loves makeup, fashion, and everything else in between, there’s no way you wouldn’t know 25-year old Ilocana makeup guru Michelle Dy – one of today’s renowned Pinay YouTubers. People like her have utilized YouTube as an avenue for their passion. With her, it’s makeup. In her recent vlog “BE a YouTuber LIKE ME”, she tells her story on how she landed on YouTube and how it became her career.


Michelle is a self-proclaimed maarte. Back in college, her friends noticed her enthusiasm for makeup and fashion – that paved her way to YouTube. In the video, she said that it was her friends who pushed her to do a makeup tutorial “so that her kaartehan will have its purpose”, they said.

In her first video which is a makeup tutorial on smokey eyes, uploaded on March 27, 2011, it is evident that Michelle had humble beginnings. She did not have proper lightings back then. She only used her lampshade when she recorded herself that’s why she appeared orange-ish. Owning a low quality digital camera, her first videos were not at their best. With that, she confessed that it was definitely not easy. It took her blood and sweat for her to reach where she is now.


When asked how YouTube has changed her life, Michelle’s answer was a resounding “BIG TIME”. She said that through YouTube, she met a lot of new people and friends. She now has fans whom she calls her angels, her army.

She treats this as her career. It was through YouTube that she was able to earn and save money. It has opened a lot of opportunities for her. She even has her own eyeshadow palette and brush set by a local makeup brand. Not to mention all the free makeup, clothes, and other packages she receives almost everyday!


The moment Michelle gained followers, she knew that she was also about to gain bashers. She views them as people who are inevitable in social media. But, that’s only one among the things which troubled her as a YouTuber. She said that there are times when she’s just burned out and lazy, and this serves as a barrier for her to create videos. Michelle believes that it is nothing but normal for people to get tired. 


The makeup guru is not always as confident as she appears on our screens. She revealed that often times, she asks herself “Kaya ko ba?” (Can I do it?). She further revealed that there are NO SCRIPTS prepared when she records herself; this makes her feel nervous and have hesitations.


Having almost 200,000 subscribers and more than 18 million views on YouTube, Michelle said that she is proud of herself. “Makeup Serye” is what she’s most proud of. It is a series of makeup tutorials of different characters/personalities played by herself such as Mica/Mic – the sosyalera (rich kid), Mimi – the pasosyal (social climber), Michico – the baklang babae (gay girl), Mitoy – the tomboy (lesbian), and Mimay – the yaya (maid). She said that when she brought Makeup Serye to life, that’s the time when she was able to tell herself “Ah kaya ko pala”. Makeup Serye is Michelle’s way of giving back to her fans and it sure is a hit to the Angels.


If you want to be like the Michelle Dy, she has two words for you: START NOW. She wants people to realize that it’s a step-by-step process. For aspiring YouTubers or anyone who wants to reach their goals, Michelle emphasizes the power of resourcefulness. “Start with what you have”, she said. “You will feel that it’s more worth it when you worked hard for it.” she added. She considers three things that are essential in reaching one’s goals – passion, hard work, and determination.

Michelle Dy has been in the industry for five years now. She calls hers as a lucrative job; but, she seems to be having fun with it. YouTube has brought her places. She now gets to see the beauty of the world all because of that Smokey Eyes Makeup Tutorial in her old apartment. I’m pretty sure she doesn’t need to use a lampshade and a low quality digital camera anymore. She now has her own makeup studio in their family house in Bangui, Ilocos Norte where she stores her makeup collection that all makeup enthusiasts must be dreaming of.

Although she appears to be having all the best things life has to offer, Michelle remains down to earth. She reaches out to her fans through her social media accounts and regards them as her own friends. She continues to inspire people of all ages from all walks of life through her vlogs.

Michelle is the only Filipina who’s part of ICON Asia (handpicked by Michelle Phan herself). She’s also part of the Maybelline Face Council alongside Georgina Wilson, Robbie Pinera and more. With these achievements, she was nominated as one of the Top Beauty Influencers in Southeast Asia by Influence Asia.

At present, Michelle is Colourette’s Glambassadress and Casio Exilim Ph Selfie Queen. At the same time, she has endorsements for brands such as Palmolive, Cetaphil, Maybelline, Benefit, and Smart.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

BlogVertising: Blog as a new platform for advertising

Posted By: Karlo Simon - Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Blogging or weblogging has been around for quite some time. It serves as an informational site consisting of entries/posts that are published online.  In the late 90s, blogs functioned as digital “corkboard” of companies to update their constituents on daily internal business transactions. But eventually, the popularity of blog reached the masses. People have modernized blogging and made it as an online diary where they can publish entries of their personal life and/or commentaries on what interest them. The popularized blog then became as a venue for people to exchange ideas and information which ranges from personal to political, and can focus on one narrow subject or a whole range of subjects.

Soon, different types of blogs (personal blogs, collaborative blogging, microblogging, corporate and organizational blogs, aggregated blogs, by genre, reverse blog etc.) were developed and the roles of it became increasingly mainstream. These blogs differ not only in the type of content, but also in the manner of how it is written.

Sponsored content

Overtime the hobby of blogging turned into a lucrative work. Bloggers earn money through affiliate marketing. The content, which was formerly a plain commentary or journal, developed into sponsored content or native advertising. It became form of online advertising that matches the form and function of the platform on which it appears. A blogger or site editor may team up with a brand or retailer and create a post centered on a certain product or campaign that matches the content already on his/her site.

This new craze in the internet has gotten the attention of the business community. Marketers have collaborated with bloggers to advertise brands. Native marketing is perceived as a new and effective marketing strategy to efficiently deliver information. They regard this as a powerful method for advertisement because it’s empowered by the new technology making it possible for a particular business to cater to everyone, young and adult. 

Another feature of blog is the discussion board. Discussion board allows the readers to give immediate feedback on their thoughts and experience of the brand. Also, there are scenarios where a reader leaves a controversial comment. Other readers start a heated discussion in reaction to this comment, all leading to many, many more ad impressions. Comments and suggestions of every consumer are necessary to all companies, even though it is a negative feedback; publicity is still publicity as they say. 

Study shows that this kind of advertisement is far more convincing than the usual ones. It has a friendly vibe which attracts consumers. Bloggers way of advertising is two-faced. They do not directly promote a product. Their strategy of advertising is done through informal discourse such as telling stories of their experience in using the brand; thus, setting a friendly tone making the blogger as an outsider of the brand. In this manner, consumers don’t see it as an imposition, rather a friendly advice which is salient in Filipino culture.  

Conversion theory

Serge Moscovici’s conversion theory of minority influence is applicable in BlogVertising. The bloggers are the minority in the business community where there are a great number of “traditional” media companies, the majority group. According to conversion theory, a minority group is capable making a great impact in the majority group. The new ideas and opinions of the minorities, if valid, can influence the majority to adopt their way of thinking. This happens when a group of people make innovation and propose alternative which opposes the traditional norms. To such a degree, it sways the majority and leading them to re-examine their views or strategies. Compared to other forms of influence, minority influence is often more effective, innovative and long lasting because it focuses more on holistic development. Meaning, there is a personal shift in private opinion. 

If there are no minorities challenging the majority group, there would be no new ideas and innovation. Blogging is certainly a new advertising medium but it is as compelling as the traditional media. Especially nowadays, people, particularly millenials, are always on their phone surfing the net. A study in the US conducted by Zogby Interactive poll on social networking and other information sources shows that more than 60% of population visit blog occasionally or more often. Surprisingly, one in five of blog readers say they pay attention to the ads, and the same number say they have purchased a product or service advertised on a blog. 

In reality, change is inevitable. It cannot be denied that “BlogVertising” has deconstructed norms in the field of industry. It has become a new platform for market research making products more social. This kind of marketing strategy gives consumers a sense of community with the brand. Likewise, the use of blogs to advertise is made more convenient because of new technological advancement.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016


Posted By: Karlo Simon - Tuesday, September 06, 2016

We know you’ve been losing sleep over this, but hang in there–the long-awaited MEGA September issue of James Reid and Nadine Lustre is coming out tomorrow!

Epic is not enough to describe this sprawling spread on the hot young couple. Over 30 pages were dedicated to their story, with two cover versions to choose from–one of the couple, and one of Nadine. And of course, James has his very own MEGA Man cover within the issue.

"A collision of epic proportions unlike any other, two of the biggest and brightest forces in the local show business plane, James Reid (@jaye.wolf) and Nadine Lustre (@nadzlustre) come together for a moment of a lifetime as they discover the old world glory of Athens and the precious gem that is Santorini. Unprecedented and unparalleled, we trace their love story from the very beginning and follow it to the present, all while navigating the winding paths of modern-day Greece to chase stories, new chapters and to the young lover's delight, the Santorini sunset. Big, bright and bold, flip through this month's issue for everything you
need in fashion, beauty, lifestyle and yes, even love. MEGA is available exclusively in @nbsalert starting September 7. #MakingMEGAGreeceWithJadine #MakingMEGAWithJadine #NadineLustre #JamesReid Special thanks to @vivaartistsagency"

Sweeping landscapes of sun-draped white walls and blue domes, expansive views of the glassy Aegean sea and memories of a warm welcome beckons as we present to you the Big Fashion Issue. A story of emergence that could rival that of the mythical gods and goddesses of ancient Greece, Nadine Lustre (@nadzlustre) breezes through the snaking island of Santorini in a selection of fall-ready numbers in Hellenic blue and white. Opening up about an uncertain past, Nadine steps into a thriving present with grounded principles as she looks on to a future that is brighter than ever before. Big, bright and bold, flip through this month's issue for everything you need in fashion, beauty, lifestyle and yes, maybe even love. MEGA is available exclusively in @nbsalert beginning September 7. #MakingMEGAGreeceWithJadine #MakingMEGAWithJadine #NadineLustre Special thanks to @vivaartistsagency.

Red alert: It's finally here. Beat the punishing sun and snake through the narrow Greek alleyways with James Reid (@jaye.wolf) as he navigates through one of fall's top trends in Santorini. Bright, bold and brave, James Reid peels excessive layers to reveal a young man shaped by life's circumstances and yes, love. This is James Reid and fall fashion in full disclosure. MEGA Man is available exclusively in @nbsalert beginning September 7. #MakingMEGAGreeceWithJadine #MakingMEGAWithJadine #JamesReid

Done swooning? Beginning September 7, you can run to the nearest National Book Store where MEGA will be available exclusively, nationwide. Race you there!

And on September 27 at the SMX Convention Center, TV100 will launch the Making MEGA behind-the-scenes documentary on the JaDine issue. Mark your calendars! You wouldn’t want to miss James’ and Nadine’s personal appearances.

To subscribe to the magazine, click here. You can thank us now.

By Iris Lee

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