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Monday, August 22, 2016

Making It Happen

Posted By: Admin - Monday, August 22, 2016
Kiana Valenciano, Mari Jasmine, and Mika Reyes on passion, self discovery, and a whole new world of new adventures

With vibrant personalities and energy that bounces off the walls, Kiana Valenciano, Mari Jasmine, and Mika Reyes instantly lit up the otherwise dull and dreary studio. Watching them frolic in the spotlight is a treat to everyone; an added bonus when Kiana would suddenly burst into a song mid-pose. We’re a captured audience.
Thriving in their own individual fields, Kiana in music, Mari in fashion, and Mika in sports, the three ladies have shown the world what they are capable of, but they assure you, you haven’t seen anything yet.

Pushing boundaries, speaking up, and challenging the norm—these are what they’re all about. And as they explore new adventures, discover new passions, and conquer the rest of the world with their wit, beauty, and talent, they provoke the status quo and express themselves with fearless passion.

This makes them the perfect trio to usher in CHARLES & KEITH’s latest campaign, #IAMWHOIAM, a celebration of true individuality.

The curious and carefree appeal of the youth sparks inspiration everywhere and sets the stage for CHARLES & KEITH’s newest fall collection. The line explores the theme of impulsiveness and creativity and highlights individuality in its purest form.

An obvious cut above the rest, the youth today, like Kiana, Mari, and Mika, wear their individuality on their sleeves.


Words: Louise Sicat. Photography: Nikki Ruiz Creative Makeup: Anthea Bueno (Mari Jasmin) Hair: Katrina Meijas (Mari Jasmin). Special Thanks to Salon Privat by Jing Monis and Smile Elephant Simply Thai

Thursday, August 18, 2016

PMP Throwback Thursday : Optimum Media Wins Nestle

Posted By: Tech Support - Thursday, August 18, 2016
Flashback 2003 - Nestlé awards its Media AOR assignment to Optimum Media. 

In a moved that stunned incumbent UniversalMcCann, Nestlé announced that it would shift planning and buying duties to the new media hot shop,
Optimum Media Philippines (OMP)

The year 2003 will be remembered as the year of the stellar rise of Optimum Media when it bagged a significant share of the media advertising business in the country only six months after starting operations.  In a short span of time, OMP  won 21 clients including a plum prize in December of the AOR assignment of Smart Communications.

As 2004 opened and with the growing client list, the estimated billings of Optimum Media thrust the company as a major player in the local advertising industry.

OMP was a member of Optimum Media Directions (OMD), globally one of the largest media networks and the media arm of the Omnicom Group.  Being part of the Omnicom family, media assignments were inherent via creative agency DDB Philippines, which was likewise a member of the Omnicom Group.

In an industry where the trend was flowing towards female leadership, OMP set itself apart as it was led by president & CEO August C. Benitez, EVP & COO Ador Perez, VPs Resti Z. Reyes, Miko P. Salud, and Raymund de Vera, and AVP Erwin L. Villegas.  OMP's Chairman was Antonio Samson.

Overall, it was a nice reunion of
Nestlé falling back into a team which sported the edge of familiarity wrought from the days in AMA-DDB.


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Thursday, August 11, 2016

PMP Throwback Thursday : Mediacom wins P&G Philippines

Posted By: Tech Support - Thursday, August 11, 2016
Flashback 2009 - Procter and Gamble  (P&G) Philippines appointed Mediacom Philippines as its Agency of Record (AOR) for media planning, effective November 1, 2009. Mediacom, already did the media buying for P&G for 3 years.  

The move streamlined P&G's media operations, effectively consolidating all media agency responsibilities under a single agency unit.  The change was consistent with the global P&G thrust then to drive simplification and scale in our operations.

This move was one of the final blows to the dual-agency set-up whereby separate agencies handle media planning and media buying.

Mediacom is one of P&G’s key agency partners in the Asia region handling markets such as China, India, Australia, Korea and Japan.  As recently as November 2008, it won the planning business of three P&G brands in China.

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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The White Canvas Shoe Gets a Makeover

Posted By: Admin - Wednesday, August 10, 2016
Give up your white sneakers for a splash of color with the new Tyler Ramsey Collection from Toms

Just when you think of getting yourself some basic white sneakers, you may want to rethink the trend and add a splash of color instead to your shoe collection. Take the word of Los Angeles-based artist Tyler Ramsey who uses only the boldest of colors to express his art. He extends his canvases to footwear in the newest collection with TOMS, coming soon to stores nationwide. Are you over the white sneaker trend? Ditch the basic and welcome the hues in time for the Fall season.

Match your neutrals with bright pigments through the Tyler Ramsey Classics. Make your soles do the talking in your entire outfit.

Play up your colors with the minimalist trend with some bright shoes. Slowly ease yourself into brightening up your wardrobe, starting with your shoes.

Give your nautical tones some zest with TOMS’ newest alpargata. Pair some plain bottoms with some expressive prints for soles.

Planning on going shoe-shopping? Include TOMS in one of your stops and visit the stores below:

SM Megamall (02) 958-6627

SM Mall of Asia (02) 556-0155

SM Aura (02) 815-2872

Glorietta (02) 625-4859

By Louise Sicat | Art by Sid Ramos

Sue Ramirez: Her other side

Posted By: Admin - Wednesday, August 10, 2016
Showbiz sweetheart Sue Ramirez talks personal style, beauty and keeping it real while growing up in the limelight

At 14 years old, Sue Ramirez tried her luck at Philippine show business. Five years after, what began as a means of paying off her family’s medical bills has become a ticket to primetime roles and online fame (just ask her combined online following of 2.4 million strong). The 19 going on 20-year-old is earning her stripes and stealing hearts as one of local television’s new darlings. In this shoot, we showcase two aspects of Sue’s personality—the tomboy and the sweet girl.


Armed with an easygoing personality and a positive mindset, Sue makes growing up in the public eye look easy. While the actress straddles the line between her teens and adulthood, she lightheartedly jokes, “ I haven’t changed [since entering the industry].” After a chat with the young star and a quick scroll through her double-tap worthy Instagram posts, we begin to get wind of what she means. While glitz, glamor and professional glam teams go hand-in-hand with her career, Sue admits to remaining boyish and a child at heart.

Despite her happy-go-lucky outlook, Sue possesses an iron will to work. “I take the art of acting more seriously now,” she shares. Ready for action even after wrapping up taping in the wee hours of the morning, —the actress didn’t sleep for fear of arriving late for our saturday morning shoot. With laughter lacing her voice, she humorously reveals the mantra that fuels her hustle, “Maraming pahinga sa next life, so work, work, work muna.”


With a packed schedule and an eye for style, it’s no surprise that the young celebrity has a fair share of fool-proof closet essentials to fall back on. Gravitating towards a Cali-cool kind of casual, Sue builds her outfits on a foundation of ripped jeans, white shirts and pristine sneakers. A spur-of-the-moment dresser, her day-to-day ensembles are affected by three factors: her mood, the weather and her style heroes, Selena Gomez and Kendall Jenner.

While her default get-ups strike a balance between chic and comfortable, Sue is a sartorial daredevil in her own right. Tackling fashion and her acting career with the same valiance, she chooses not to close any doors and jumps at opportunities to challenge new trends. A beacon of staying true to oneself, Sue’s ultimate style tip has little to do with keeping up appearances. “It doesn’t matter how weird you look,” she says firmly. “Just as long as you’re comfortable with what you’re wearing, it doesn’t matter what other people think.”

Approaching beauty with a similar mentality, Sue refuses to confine herself to a single aesthetic. While drawn-in brows, a coat of mascara and a swipe of tint compose her on-the-go look, the smokey eyes and gradient lips that pepper her Instagram grid are results of trial and error with makeup artists. Constant experimentation and an open mind have not only helped Sue find which trends work in her favor, but have also taught her to look beyond labels. “Beauty is not about the brand name. Piliin mo kung saan ka comfortable or whatever suits your skin type.”


As her twentieth birthday draws nearer, Sue remains bright-eyed and resilient. While the actress remains tight-lipped about her upcoming projects and the photo she shared of herself in a dimly lit recording studio, something tells us it won’t be long until Sue Ramirez is the name on everyone’s lips.

Trend Alert: Styling the Bomber Jacket, Rain or Shine

Posted By: Admin - Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Fashion can never quite let go of the bomber jacket. A closet mainstay that never fails to come back with greater impact each time, the bomber has been everywhere this season: from designers and high-end boutiques, down to our favorite retailers. In celebration of the relentless summer heat and in preparation for the impending arrival of rainier days, we show you how we’ll be sporting the versatile bomber across the weather conditions to come.


Style tip: Who says outerwear and warm weather can’t coincide? Pair a lightweight bomber with a pair of breezy bottoms to keep ensembles summer-friendly


Style tip: Battle the gloom of grayer days with a sturdier fabric and an optional touch of utility chic


Style tip: Maximize your choice of cut and material. Counter somber skies and wet weather with water-resistant jackets in lengthier cuts

By Cessi Treñas | Art by Alexandra Lara

Not Even the Rainy Season Can Keep Us from Stylish Footwear

Posted By: Admin - Wednesday, August 10, 2016
The season of rain and intense humidity is upon us yet again. With stormy skies looming and puddles at every corner, we say it’s high time to restock our shoe racks with weather-appropriate footwear. Having trouble finding the ultimate pair for the rainy season? Keep reading; we’ve got you covered.

A crowd favorite when it comes to braving see-sawing weather conditions, trusty sneakers are our idea of a smart investment for the rainy season. Choose a lightweight, well-cushioned pair like Freewaters’ Sky Trainers for comfort during a long commute, or one with slip-proof grip like Adidas’ Los Angeles shoes (P4395).


Not even the stormy weather can get between us and our heels. While towering stilettos may not be the best choice for the season, stable block heels are a stylish compromise. Our picks? Mango’s bright Wide Strap Sandals and Zara’s Track Sole Leather Sandals.


A necessity no matter what the weather, flats prove to be reliable companions even in the face of rain. Keep humidity-induced sweat at bay with cut-out slingbacks like Charles & Keith’s, or take the weather straight on with a water-resistant pair.


Who says sandals are only made for the beach weather? Choose a water-resistant pair like Zara’s 100% polyutherane Crossover Strap Sandals or a flexible water-friendly flip-flop substitute. Freewaters’ tried and tested Tall Girl sandals are a more feminine take on their bestselling Tall Boy, and were made to withstand tough conditions while prioritizing comfort.


What better way to conquer puddles than to tower above them? Channel a little sporty edge while staying dry with a pair of flatforms from Mango or Stradivarius.

By Cessi Treñas | Art by Alexandra Lara

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Zenith Optimedia Dials In Mark Chaves From Foreign Assignment

Posted By: Tech Support - Tuesday, August 09, 2016
MAKATI, Philippines - Zenith Optimedia has dialed in a lifeline with Mark Chavez.  This is not to say that ZO is in dire straits at all.  It is obvious though that the Publicis shop will still have to beef up the big guns in view of where ZO was at when Venus Navalta took it to great heights.

There are still the remnant of ZO's hard hitters from the Venus team who keep the media agency going.  Nevertheless, an addition like Mark Chaves will surely help the agency run the distance so to speak.

Mark finds himself back in the place where he started after touring UM, Carat, and a string of foreign assignments.  Such experience will really help rein the latent talent of the young and upcoming set of media planners which ZO hired recently.

All the best to Mark Chaves and ZO!

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Friday, August 5, 2016

Will Starcom Approach White Dwarf Status?

Posted By: Tech Support - Friday, August 05, 2016
From the sidelines, we feel a strange silence emanating from the floors of the Enterprise Tower where Starcom is quartered.  People are abuzz, there is friendly banter between planners and suppliers, and work does go on.  There is however a sense of suspended animation in between. 

Media agency people know that eerie feeling when an agency loses a pitch.  News is broken first in the inner sanctum of the agency head's office, and then it slowly trickles out in hush tones all the way to Kuya Guard at the reception area via dumbfounded whispers, "We lost." or "We lost?", a la 'Pass the Message' game fashion.

That's normal in the life of an agency.  We win some and we lose some.  Only this time the suspended animation seems to be sustained. It's as if someone banged on the keys of the piano and then stepped on the sustain pedal. 

Word has gotten around that CEO Leah has moved on and is back home.  Hot on the heels after her moving, Starcom handed over the prized Unilab account to Mediacom in a multi-agency pitch.  Add to that a few resignations here and there, it brings the remnants of the Starcom force wonder, "Is our Star approaching white dwarf status?".

In the life of a star, a star shines its brightest before it goes out in white dwarf stage.  That stage takes place quite awhile though, like a few million years.  So that means Starcom is safe.  Time is on Starcom's side.  In the meantime Publicis CEO Jennifer Santos will have to take on new "Mother" roles.

Erratum : I have rectified the statement in the first post which stated that CEO Leah's moving was hot on the heels after the pitch for Unilab.  I have edited this as CEO Leah moved on before the pitch and was not in anyway involved with the Unilab bid.  Mea culpa.  Sincerest apologies.

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