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That Creepy Billboard On EDSA

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People have been talking about it.  It is there.  It is real. 

Netizens have been getting the creeps from a short footage currently being shown on an LED billboard on the northbound lane of EDSA.  The footage is a silhouette of a little girl on a swing.

It's as creepy as seeing a rocking chair rock on its own without anyone on it.

The Manila Bulletin, Adobo Magazine , and Advertising and Marketing Philippines have consulted with Lloyd Tronco, an industry expert in outdoor advertising to get his opinion on what this really is.

Tronco says, "It could just be filler material inserted to use up the gaps between ads and other public service announcements". He continues to say, "Either that, or if you see that there are other TV networks currently advertising on that same LED board, it could be a teaser for a new program for the advertised network."

Then again, we called the owner of the LED board and they said that they didn't know about it!  So did this material just pop up even without the owner knowing?

Talk about a really interactive billboard!

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